Join like-minded individuals who are vital, contributing members of their communities in a series of anti-ageism dialogues, encore career conversations and other issues of mid-life questions that matter. Discover your opportunity to determine what each of us could do to make this world a better place. We are living up to 30 years longer than any previous generation. We have a whole slew of Octogenarians who are healthier than they’ve ever been in preceding generations. This is a time to celebrate!

Self Inflicted Ageing

Normal ageing isn’t normal. A lot of people unconsciously assume that when they get old and infirm, they will die soon. You may well live into your 90s whether you like it or not, but how you live those years is largely under your control.

Examples of how we ‘self-inflict’ include our attitude, language and lack of participation. We can default to the natural decay of our bodies or we can reset through exercise and engagement.

And Retirement really just means reset. It doesn’t mean stop! Reset your priorities, reset your conditions, downsize. Relocate. Pursue that dream. We’re going to live longer anyway, let’s make the most of it. We cannot stop the clock, let us enjoy the journey.

Join us for this interactive workshop on Self-Inflicted Ageing. Learn the steps you can take and things you can do and say to help yourself and improve your life.

Mindful Elders = Melders

Join a community of recently relocated as well as long term residents of the City of Las Vegas, who are 55 years old and up. Let us celebrate in a social setting with the potential to discover new friends and contacts.

Visit unique attractions, discover new adventures, tour local venues and popular landmarks all the while making new connections. We’ll have various events around the city, so everyone will have the opportunity to participate no matter where you live!


We provide a community where Mindful Elders (that we call ‘Melders’) can learn or discover how to express their full potential, create opportunities, and connect in meaningful ways.

Here are some resources and recommendations that we have found helpful. There are books, websites, community organizations, and just a mish mash of things that have passed through our hands over the years.

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