How to properly take care of Latin skin


There is a misconception that there is one skincare solution that will work for all women who identify themselves as Latina. As we all know, everyone’s skin is different and can vary depending on weather, lifestyle, and other factors. As a Latin woman whose skin is darker than fair, I always believed that I did not need sunscreen. However, this is a big myth! No matter how much melanin is in our skin, no skin color is immune to the sun’s UV rays. Even though our skin may not burn as easily as someone with lighter skin, it does not mean that the extra melanin and skin pigmentation will protect us from harmful damage. Damage from the sun is not seen right away in our skin, instead, it can take years to develop. When we don’t wear sunscreen, we take the chance of discolorations or even worse, cancer. 

Cancer, such as melanoma, has increased by 2.9% for the past 15 years. To prevent any type of skin cancer, doctors recommend wearing sunscreen and to protect areas such as your scalp by covering with a hat. The more protected we are, the more our skin will thank us in the years to come.  

Another common skin care problem that most of us Latinas suffer is hyperpigmentation and dark spots. Year after year, I have watched my own mother slather herself with different creams to correct this issue. One of the best tips I have received from her, after trying numerous things, is to use a serum that is meant for lightening your spots underneath makeup or moisturizer. This, along with using SPF to protect our skin, will prevent further dark spots from forming or becoming worse. 

 Attention to proper skincare is what keeps any skin radiant and young. It’s also important to nourish our bodies from the inside out through a nutritious eating regimen. Incorporating a well-balanced diet which consists of vegetables, lean proteins (depending on diet preference), and whole grains will ensure that our body and skin feel healthy from the inside out. Along with daily exercise to keep our muscles and joints ache-free guarantees a long and healthy life. 

The earlier we start to make a conscious effort of protecting our skin and body, the less we will have to worry about while we are being fabulous! 

M Samela Dingus