Pure Romance

Did you know as we get older, sometimes our ‘desire’ level changes? It’s similar to being in a bad mood - and you don’t feel like doing anything - but someone drags you out of your house and you end up having a great time. Sex is like that. When you are younger the desire level is there, you don’t need ‘coaxing’.

As you get older, sometimes you need a little help. Women’s hormones get out of whack often after having a child, or when pre- or post-menopausal. Sex and touching are so important to any relationship, but when medical issues start happening, people feel embarrassed to talk about it.

We educate. Our parties are for women only.  Women feel more comfortable around other women when talking about sex.

As researchers have been trying to develop a solution, they created a pill you take every day. At our age, we often take enough pills! Instead, we have a cream that helps stimulate.

One of the most important things for any woman at any age is a great lubricant. If you are not using a good lubricant, the friction causes tiny little micro-tears. When those tears heal, it causes scarring and scar tissue decreases your sensitivity.

We have one for men, too! Men that are on high blood pressure and diabetic medicine, sometimes there can be a problem. We have things that help.

Don’t give up your sex life just because you are getting older! Pure Romance can bring a boost to your relationship in the bedroom. It is like eating strawberry shortcake – it’s even better with whipped cream! Pure Romance is the ‘whipped cream’.

And if you have NO problems regarding your sex life, that’s even better. The old saying is so true, “If you don’t use it, you will lose it!” We are here to enhance the flavor of your bedroom!

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M Samela Dingus