Core Values

We explore ways to overcome society’s stereotype of older adults. We provide a community where, Mindful Elders (that we call ‘Melders’) can learn or discover how to express their full potential, create opportunities, and connect in meaningful ways. We often share spiritual principles to help you achieve a more productive and abundant life.

About Samela

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M. Samela Dingus is a speaker, writer and author. Samela is a free spirited, exuberant, lover of life. She has been an actor, dancer, choreographer, producer and director. She has also been an executive, tutor, teacher, and transition coach. At 51, she earned her Master of Fine Arts Degree in Arts Administration.

Her mission is to inform, educate, inspire and motivate multicultural women, specifically, and to empower all women across generational and racial lines in a call to action to challenge the stereotypes of aging in the new millennium.

We all have two lives, the second one starts when we realize that we only have one.
— Tom Hiddleston