So, Are You Ready For Your Second Act?


Purposeful Passions Coaching

 Purposeful Passions specializes in helping you find clarity after retirement. 

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This is for you if...

- You want clarity about what to do next

- You are beyond society’s stereotype of older adults 

- You want a program customized to your particular issues and challenges

- You are ready to answer some thought-provoking questions

- You want to discover new skills and interests

- You want to define your next ‘Action’ step

- You want to uncover your inherent creativity

- You are ready to live a life you love


You will discover creative ways to live the next best years of your life.

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Whenever we are making a change the questions we ask ourselves are always the same: What do I want to do next? What am I good at? What do I want to learn? What do I have to share?

Click here for your free ‘Samela Session’ to uncover these answers to Your Next Option. We’ll discover what you want your life to look like and we will brainstorm to identify ways to make that happen!

We must leave our mark on our life while we have it in our power.
— Isak Dinesen (1885-1962)