Hope you enjoy these featured articles where I strive to make you feel something, make you laugh, or make myself more memorable in some way.                 And along the way, I hope that I can share some wisdom.


The Wealthy Teacher Show

Calling this the Golden Show - join guest Samela Dingus, Edward Southwick and Ina Mohan as we celebrate the Golden Knights phenomenal season, the 'Golden Years' - that 55+ crowd, and the power of Health, Healing and Happiness.


Your Heart Says

I grew up on the East Coast. My Daddy was a jazz musician by night and a truck driver by day. My Mama worked for the Feds, that is, the Federal Government. We regularly went to the theater, to Rockefeller Center, and to Radio City Music Hall. I saw my first show at 10 months old! They went out of their way to see that I had a well-rounded education, particularly in the arts...


Consciously Rising with Jeff Renel

Guests: Lennora Valles,Cristina Alfonso-Zea, Jodi Friedman, Michael Sean Brown, and Samela Dingus: Our panel answered questions on the challenges of moving forward in these changing times. See more shows from Consciously Rising at http://www.wwdbtv.com/consciously-ris...